Sapphire Smyth and the Shadow Five. (part 1) by R.J Furness

Big thanks to The WriteReads for letting little old me on another one of their fantastic blog tours!

Sapphire Smyth and the Shadow Five by RJ Furness is part one of a 6 part serial about a girl who can see things just at the edge and beyond of what is normal. She can see shadows move and who knows where that will lead! I love that the author’s inspiration for this story is the shadows at the bottom of his own stairs. What if shadows can come to life?? Eek! Scary but also cool!

The writing really drew me in to Furness’s mysterious, shadowy world, questions followed by more questions popping into my thoughts and then just as I was really starting to get into it bang! To be continued book 2 … Arrgh!! Luckily I got TWR for the next book in the series, but I’m not sure how I feel about this serialized format as a general thing. I can understand why an author, particularly an indie author would do it, but gosh it could get annoying as a reader!

Anyway, onward! Sapphire is an 18-year-old girl who gets kicked out of her foster home on her 18th birthday. And with her father also having abandoned her you’d expect her to have a few issues, nonetheless, she is strong and can look after herself. I wish there was just a bit more time spent building her character though rather than just throwing her right in there, but maybe this is part of the problem of serialization. I would actually prefer if this first part was simply made into a full-sized, fully fleshed out novel giving us time to really get to know the characters and the world. But maybe that will come in the sequels? (Which I WILL be reading by the way.)

Overall I give the book 3.75 stars. A good read, I would definitely recommend. Don’t be looking for Dune or anything though. This one is not an in-depth, detailed, rich world with really deep characters, it is a fast paced, entertaining amusement park ride!

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